Serenity Safety Brief

General Safety

  • Keep clear of propellors
  • all kit safely stowed under benches
  • Boyancy aids to be worn at all times when at sea
  • Fingers clear of dive lift
  • Explain Dive site, expected arrival time and expected dive time
  • Weather Conditions
  •  Near surface is the most dangerous place. Keep below the shot line buoy or use a surface marker when near the surface. Anything else is dangerous. Do not hover close to the surface on the shot line when descending as the boat will come close dropping off the next divers.

Location and Use of Safety Equipment

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • First Aid Kit
  • Liferaft
  • Boyancy Aids
  • Flares
  • Radio – including handheld
  • Oxygen Kit
  • Cutting Equpment

Diver Deployment Procedure

  •  Only enter the water when instructed.
  • Enter the water via the dive lift platform.
  • Enter with a giant stride and give an OK signal when safe.
  • Move away from the entry position to allow the next diver to enter the water.
  • Hold on tightly when waiting to enter the water.
  • swim for the shotline.
  • if there is a problem, wait to be recovered by the boat.

Diver Recovery Proceedure

Divers will be recovered using the dive lift unless there is a failure when the dive ladder will be used

  • Surface on the shot line or under a DSMB as briefed.
  • Wait for the boat to come close.
  • A Lifebelt will be thrown to pull the diver to the lift.
  • Hold onto the lift handles firmly. Keep fingers clear of the sides.
  • Nod when safely on the lift.
  • When the lift reaches deck level, move to the benches keeping a firm grip on the side of the boat or the bench.

Lost or Injured Diver Procedure

  • Call coastguards.
  • Appoint an incident manager.
  • Start logging all actions and times.
  • Prepare oxygen kit.
  • If necessary, prepare the deck for helicopter operations.

If the recovery is sucessful and no further action is needed, call the coastgards to stand down.

Man Overboard Proceedure

All passengers should keep the man overboard in view and point to them while the boat retraces its course to recover them. There is no need to call the coastguards if recovery is simple and there is no danger. Otherwise make a PAN or mayday call as appropriate.

Abandon Boat Proceedure

Serenity should only be abandoned under extreme circumstances.

  • Make a Mayday call
  • All people to don a life jacket or other life support. Dive kit is very effective.
  • Collect the hand-held radio and EPIRB
  • Activate the EPIRB
  • Deploy the liferaft by tying the cord to the boat and throwing