HazardWhoRisk EvaluationControlsImmediate measures to deal with consequences if risk does occur
Conditions not suitable for training exerciseDive Boat CoxLowDive cox's are trained to evaluate suitability of dive site and weather.Cancel training.
Trainees are not yet skilled diversTraineeMediumAll trainees will be supervised by a nationally qualified instructor. Instructor / trainee ratios in accordance with BSAC recommendations.Instructor will be in contact with trainee at all times and is trained to instruct novice divers.
Training using North Harbour when others are using it.Dive Boat CoxLowSerenity cox will follow agreed procedure and give advanced warning of a training exercise to harbour management. Divers will deploy SMBs at all times and Serenity will fly a dive flag .Cox will be responsible for safety and will recall divers if necessary.
Proximity to unexpected vessel in North HarbourAllMediumSerenity cox will be responsible for monitoring any unexpected traffic in the north harbour and ensuring continued safety of the divers in the water.Serenity Cox will alert other boat to presence of divers and recall divers if necessary.
Medical problem underwaterAllMediumAll divers will have signed a medical self-declaration or have been referred to a Medical Referee.Serenity Cox will be trained in BLS and will contact Emergency services if necessary.
Injury on SerenityAllLowAll divers will be given a boat safety brief.Serenity Cox will be trained in BLS and will contact Emergency services if necessary.
Running out of airAll diversLowAll SCUBA sets fitted with cylinder pressure gauges and trained to monitor gas usage.
Buddy is trained to give extra gas from an alternate air source.
Entanglement in nets/lines/under-water obstructionsAll diversMediumAll divers carry appropriate cutting implement, such as filament line cutter, wire snips, diving knife, etc.Assistance from buddy
Diver SeparationAll DiversHighDivers to dive in buddy pairs at all times.Divers follow standard procedure for lost buddy and return to the surface immediately. Re-establish contact.
Reduced underwater visibilityAll DiversHighDivers trained in low visibility water.

If buddy pair loose contact, follow lost buddy procedure. Training will be cancelled if visibility is too bad.