The Boat

Serenity is a 8.6 metre AMC catamaran powered by two 90hp Honda outboards. It was originally used as a commercial fishing boat until it was converted for diving by fitting a dive lift, dive ladder and benches. Its now permanently in the water in Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne. Its an easy boat to dive from as the benches allow plenty of space for kitting up and the dive lift makes entering the water and recovery to the boat simple.

Serenity is privately owned and run as a BSAC club boat . It meets the guidelines in the CDA boating initiative both in operating procedures and safety equipment. The only cost to divers is a share of fuel costs for the trip. The preffered method of paying fuel costs is by card.

Serenity will always have a skipper on-board who will be a qualified BSAC dive cox. They will have the responsibility of the safe conduct of the dive trip and will decide if the weather is suitable for the trip.

Safety Equipment includes:

  • 2 fixed and one handheld radio
  • AIS transceiver
  • 6 man liferaft
  • Oxygen with constant flow and on demand  regulators
  • HSE complient first aid kit
  • Flares
  • Dual chart plotters
  • Radar in case there is unexpected fog
  • Rope and Wire cutters
  • Binoculars for location surfacing divers
  • Side mounted Dive Lift which is very stable in heavy seas.
  • Dive Ladder in case there is a problem with the lift.